When a good idea comes to your mind at midnight - you write it down, dream about it and act on it immediately the next day. That’s exactly what happened with the idea for these mini sessions! I thought of this in the thick of my world spinning as I was trying to grasp the realities of what running a small business would be like during a global pandemic. I was seeing my friends and family, and even clients I follow on social media all share about the struggles they were facing and frankly - I was facing those too! I needed the joy of doing my job back and I saw those around me also needing to experience joy. As soon as I started posting about my idea I immediately received positive feedback! I completed 15 Front Porch Minis all over the Treasure Valley - driving from Downtown Boise, to Eagle, to Kuna, to Nampa, to Caldwell and even to Emmett. So thankful for everyone who decided to invest in me + my business so that I could in turn give you all something bright, happy and positive to remember during a global pandemic. We celebrated graduating from college, newborn babies, brand new homes, quality time with families, new job offers, birthdays! SO many great things to remember during our time in quarantine. Here’s a peek into what all of my sessions have looked like so far…

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If you’re a photographer who has ALSO enjoyed doing a Front Porch Project, please also reach out. I would love to see your images too!


Soooo thankful I got to witness and photograph this sweet wedding! These two are such a fun, genuine couple! They got married in a friends gorgeous vineyard, did you see those amazing wooden church pews!? Oh my gosh, LOVE!! They then celebrated the night away dancing and spending time with their guests! I loved all of the unique and eclectic details of this wedding. 

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XOXO - Amanda

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