Bailey is such a doll, am I right?! She’s super sweet and funny - we pretty much laughed through the entire session. The shoot took place in Sand Hollow, Idaho - way out in the country on her Grandparents property. A few months ago I found out Bailey’s Grandpa Tony was in the hospital and shortly after he passed away. So taking these photos on their property was a given! Tony was apart of a car club here in Idaho and had a love for building and restoring vintage cars - he was very good at it too! Tony loved spending time out here and working on his cars! Such a cool location for photos, but more than that - super meaningful to Bailey and her family. Thanks for letting me snap some photos of you Bailey, and thanks to the Farnetti family for letting me come out there.. Hope you enjoy these!

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For me, working with P&Co was no more difficult than breathing. Shooting for a brand that designs clothing for those of us that feel most at home in the outskirts means finding a way to capture what it is to feel alive. And because all the best fun happens outside city limits, that’s where we headed.
We drove away from town until the painted lines started to taper away and the dust started spilling onto the road. Logan Randall, one of my fellow desert rats and creator of the blog Irons & Pins, modeled the gear out amongst sage brush and grazing cows. The vintage-soft shirts are all such versatile pieces that they complimented anything we paired them with and we were able to have fun adding in bandanas, black lips, and cowboy boots. The recent “Liars and Crybabies” line had us swooning, proving that pink isn’t only pretty, but also pretty damn cool. The second you slip into one of their crop tops, you immediately feel powerful enough to set your own rules and blaze your own trails. In their gear, you find yourself settling comfortably into your own identity.
And that is the beauty of P&Co: they’re a brand for the wild ones - those of us who will always choose the dusty desert roads over the busy city streets, the winding mountain byways over the traffic-trodden highways.

P&Co is for renegades, for grease monkeys, for rebels. It stands on the firm belief that freedom is untamable and that wild ones never die.
So with that, Till Death Do Us Ride.

There’s no way I could fit all their killer gear into one shoot! Keep your eyes open for more P&Co, coming soon.

Huge thank you to Logan for not only being a fabulous model but also helping me write this post - she’s an incredible writer and overall amazing / talented lady. Definitely check out her site / read her blog here, and keep up with her on Instagram here!




I had a pretty good St. Patrick’s Day, what about you?? I actually didn’t even realize it was St. Patrick’s Day until the night before and I was getting ready for this shoot! But I’d say it was a pretty great day - It was Friday, the weather was warm and amazing, I got to hang out and take photos of these adorable sisters - then afterwards I met my family downtown for dinner at one of my favorite little places (Juniper!) and ended the night walking over to Ben + Jerry’s for some ice-cream, in which we sat OUTSIDE to eat! WHAT?! So incredibly happy the weather is warming up.. Because that means staying outside and more shoots like this :)

Hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday!

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